The Evolution Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing — a marketing term that some have characterized as a tired or outdated form of marketing — is having its moment in the sun again. Full Story: Forbes

The Single Most Important Ingredient For Effective Digital Marketing

Be honest, to find the product you’re looking for, would you rather scroll through thousands of images and lines of text or take a fun personality quiz? Full Story: Forbes

Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

In recent years, influencer marketing has become a trendy way for companies to promote their products and services. Full Story: Forbes

6 Tactics To Use When Executing A B2B Marketing Strategy

Effective B2B marketing can help with building relationships, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads and sales. Full Story: Forbes

A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Modern Businesses

Building a business has never been easy, but growing a modern brand without the aid of digital media is next to impossible. Full Story: Wealth Of Geeks

9 Marketing Strategies for Startups to Boost Growth and Visibility

Tired of reading the same old marketing advice for your startup? When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, Full Story: Entrepreneur

Social Media: Use It Wisely and to Your Benefit

Social media platforms can paint a picture-perfect false reality and promote toxic emotions amongst young people. Full Story: Morocco World News

8 Unique Social Media Platforms That Offer Something Different

If you’re looking for something different from the biggest social media platforms, here are some sites and apps that have unique approaches. Full Story: Make Use Of

Top Social Media Marketing Monitoring Tools in 2023

If you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level, then you’ve landed on the perfect page. Full Story: Martech Cube

10 Social Media Strategies to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

With so much noise on social media, a strong and well-planned strategy is the key to standing out. Full Story: Rollingstone

Meta Shares New Tips on the Latest Marketing Trends

Looking for additional guidance for your Facebook and Instagram ads? Full Story: SocialMediaToday

7 proven methods to explain the value of SEO

Reporting on these seven metrics and providing proper context can increase SEO’s perceived value to your stakeholders. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Yes, SEO Keywords Remain Important

Google’s shift to semantic search seemingly devalues the importance of keywords for organic rankings. Full Story: PracticalEcommerce

Yoast SEO 20.5 Drops Support for PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1

Yoast SEO 20.5 was released this week with several security fixes and an improved Google SERP preview. Full Story: Wptavern

How the Domain Name Affects Search Engine Optimization

Among the key factors affecting the success of your website is your domain name. Full Story: Gstylemagazine

5 Python scripts for automating SEO tasks

Looking to streamline your SEO workflows? These five scripts are great starting points for exploring the possibilities of Python in SEO. Full Story: Full Story: Search Engine Land

15 Strategies For Attracting And Retaining Mobile App Users

In today’s digital world, mobile apps have become a crucial tool for businesses to connect with customers and build brand loyalty. Full Story: Forbes

7 Benefits of using Responsive Design in mobile app design

Predicting what experience your website visitors will encounter upon viewing your site can be challenging. Full Story: Craving Tech

5 mobile digital experience trends for 2023

Our expectations of digital experiences could hardly be higher as we head deeper into 2023. Full Story: MobileMarketing

Fusing The Worlds Of Physical And Digital OOH Advertising

Walls in the physical world have been used as a communication medium from the days of the Neanderthal. Full Story: Forbes

DOOH Could Remain A Small Slice Of The Ad Market If It Doesn’t Prioritize Performance

From painted three-story murals to cheeky subway ads, out-of-home (OOH) campaigns have long resonated as a branding medium. Full Story: Adexchanger

How to Build Your Email List the Right Way

Follow these best practices to make sure you’re hitting the inbox and making sales with your emails. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How Startups Can Apply RFM Analysis To Improve Email Marketing

Businesses can leverage the RFM Model to create personalised email messages that increase revenue and incentivise customer behaviour. Full Story: Inc42

7 Best Email Marketing Software (April 2023)

Email is alive and well in 2023. Full Story: Forbes

Analyzing the Top 10 Innovative Email Marketing Automation Software and Tools

When it comes to email marketing, automation can be an invaluable tool. Full Story: UCtangerine

What Traditional Retailers Can Learn From E-Commerce Giants

When viewed through the lens of history, it’s incredibly impressive how quickly e-commerce has exploded in popularity. Full Story: Forbes

3 E-Commerce Store Mistakes To Avoid

In today’s ad-saturated world, getting an internet user to visit your website is an achievement on its own. Full Story: Forbes

How e-commerce fulfilment can help your business expand globally

It has never been easier to expand your e-commerce business globally. Full Story: Retail Tech Innovation Hub

What is Ecommerce Website and How Does it Work?

eCommerce is a new kind of commerce that has emerged as a consequence of the development of quicker internet access and strong online tools. Full Story: The Fordham Ram

E-Commerce Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2023

The e-commerce industry is flourishing, and being an e-commerce business owner, Full Story: Totalretail

Five Steps To Building A Consistent Digital Public Relations Footprint

Online presence these days is everything. Full Story: Forbes

How To Leverage 4 Web3 Trends In Marketing And PR

With the rise of Web3 technology, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their audiences. Full Story: Forbes

Four Investor Relations Trends To Watch

As heightened market volatility persists, a global recession seems likely, Full Story: Forbes

How Web Development Can Improve Any Business’s Performance (Regardless Of The Niche)

Many think that development is the most important aspect of running a business. Full Story: Forbes

What is the importance of website development and design?

There are some considerations that you must never ignore to boost your online business reputation. Full Story: The Jerusalem Post

9 Free Online Code Editors for Web Development

These code editors are feature-packed, totally free to use, and are available anywhere the internet is. Full Story: Make Use Of

5 Reasons Why Website Testing is Important

Website testing is a crucial aspect of website development and maintenance that should not be overlooked. Full Story: Cyberkendra

Top 10 Important Security Tips for Web Developers in 2023

With increasing demand and changing requirements, web developers are facing challenges that are frequently overlooked. Full Story: Full Story: Analytics Insight

5 AI Marketing Tools Every Startup Should Know About

Discover how artificial intelligence can transform marketing for startups and level the playing field. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Generative AI Impact on Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are always evolving and seeking the next advantage, Full Story: Small Biz Trends

From Intuition To Automation: AI As An Essential Tool For Modern Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to have taken over copywriting positions since OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched at the end of 2022. Full Story: Forbes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Marketing: A Synopsis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of marketing. Full Story: Asia Business Outlook

Analytics for Marketers

Advanced analytics can help companies solve a host of management problems, including those related to marketing, Full Story: Harvard Business Review

The Future Of BI and IoT: Trends and Technologies

Did you know that only about half of customers trust companies that use AI as much as they do companies that stick to more traditional business practices? Full Story: ReadITQuik

A New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand

Much of professional and personal success depends on persuading others to recognize your value. Full Story: Harvard Business Review

8 Strategies for Developing a Strong Personal Brand

Creating a strong personal brand can help you stand out, establish credibility and advance your career. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Four Essential Branding Principles For Small Businesses

It’s critical for small business owners to make a lasting impression on their customers. Full Story: Idaho Business Review

Alexa Built-In Hands-Free No More

Amazon has removed systemwide hands-free Alexa access on Alexa Built-In smartphones. Full Story:

iOS 16.5: How to screen record on iPhone with Siri?

After releasing iOS 16.4 to the public last week, Apple is now distributing the first beta of iOS 16.5 to beta testers. Full Story:



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