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However, a wide range of approaches and methodologies are used to measure ROI and real-world interactions are particularly challenging to value. Full Story: RetailWire

Building A High-Performance Marketing Team Is More Critical Now Than Ever For B2B CMOs

Let’s face it. The uncertain economic conditions we are in will put a great deal of pressure on CMOs and their teams to deliver results under less-than-ideal situations. Full Story: Forbes

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Thinking about hiring a strategist or consultant to help you reach your marketing goals? Full Story: Entrepreneur

Using “Behind the Scenes” in Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing as a photographer is more than just showcasing your portfolio. There are many places for you to market your brand like social media, emailers, print mailers, etc. Full Story: Architectural Photography Almanac

Capitalizing on the Chaos in the Advertising and Marketing Hiring Market

To some extent, marketing and advertising agencies have a leg up on other industries, as they are no stranger to staffing challenges. Full Story: MarTech Series

Protecting the Marketing Budget During Challenging Times

In economically challenging times, business leaders frequently single out the marketing budget as a target for cost cutting. Full Story: PerformanceIN

B2B Sales, Meet Marketing: Refresh Your Go-To-Market Alignment With 3 Key Actions

B2B and B2C businesses play in two very different worlds. Even when sales and marketing teams work in silos in a B2C environment, brand familiarity and… Full Story: Forbes

Influencer Marketing: a boom or bubble about to burst?

The Covid-19 pandemic fostered the explosion of influencer marketing, catapulting it into the mainstream. But is this boom a bubble about to burst? Full Story: Bizcommunity

TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spend this year, YouTube by 2024

Instagram may be worried about TikTok’s threat to its business, but in the near-term, it’s still far ahead when it comes to the influencer marketing dollars spent on its platform in the U.S. Full Story: TechCrunch

Discussions About Airlines Continue To Dominate Social Media

Anyone who has had to board a commercial airplane this year will tell you that now is not exactly a good time to travel. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media: How to Keep Yourself Safe

Human beings are social animals. We like to stay connected with friends, family and even workmates via social media. Full Story: Security Boulevard

Twitter’s Testing a New Process to Lure Lurkers into Signing-Up for an Account

Does anyone else get the impression that Twitter is unloading all of its various growth stimulation and product ideas ahead of a still likely change of management? Full Story: Social Media Today

7 SEO Copywriting Tips to Get Your Business Ranking on Google

Want to learn how to land on page one of Google and other search engines? SEO copywriting could be your secret weapon. Full Story: Entrepreneur

25 Best SEO-Friendly Alternatives To WordPress Websites

WordPress is a tool for building websites, blogging, and managing content, but it’s not right for everyone. Here are some alternatives you can use. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Why Backlinking Is Critical to SEO-And How to Do It

Backlink building is a key method small businesses can use to increase a website’s ability to rank high in search engines. Full Story:

The Usage Of SEO In Blockchain Technology

The main objective of search engine optimization is to improve the search engine ranking of a business. Full Story: CryptoMode

Pinterest Launches Real-Time Analytics in its Mobile App

This could help Pinterest marketers maximize their performance over the coming holiday season. Full Story: Social Media Today

Mobile app to help those seeking to reduce their alcohol consumption

A new smartphone app, which has been made available to the public today, has been found to be successful in helping U.K. veterans to reduce alcohol consumption. Full Story: Medical Xpress

Incognia Mobile App Study Reveals Low Detection of Location Spoofing in Dating Apps

With over 323 million users of dating apps worldwide, study finds location spoofing is a threat to user trust and safety. Full Story: Dark Reading

How to Perform a Competitive Analysis of the Mobile App Market

Mobile apps are very much part of our everyday lives. Over 2.87 million apps are available on the Google Play store alone. Full Story: MarketingProfs

Top Three Considerations for Investing in DOOH

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) isn’t new — in fact, in 2020, the global DOOH ad market was worth approximately $41.06 billion. Full Story: MarTech Series

Banks can benefits from solid digital signage strategy

With convenience at the core of the in-store branch, banks and credit unions must provide the value customers and prospects are looking for, along with digital messaging that’s right for the store. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

How to Utilize Automated Email Marketing

Although email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to achieve a more direct communication with our clients and potential clients, this strategy must follow certain steps to achieve its maximum potential. Full Story: The European Business Review

5 Tactics for Improving Your Email Marketing

Email’s universal popularity makes it a prime medium for your marketing messages. Full Story: ASI Central

Three Ways Pricing Automation Can Transform How E-Commerce Companies Operate

2022 is clearly not the year of e-commerce. One could even state the very opposite after reviewing all the stats out there. Full Story: Forbes

Is the e-commerce boom petering out?

As one e-commerce CEO admits he was wrong to bet that soaring pandemic-era growth would continue, has the move to online shopping been overhyped? Full Story: Newstalk

Why You Need A PR Agency and How to Choose One Wisely

Not all PR agencies are created equal. If you’re looking for a good one, it’s important to know what makes them different from one another. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Break Through the Noise: 5 Hacks to Boost Your Public Relations Efforts in a Noisy Digital World

The digital age of marketing is saturated with ineffectual marketing asking for your attention and failing to make an impact. Follow these effective public relations hacks to stand out from the crowd. Entrepreneur

It’s Time to Refresh Your Market Research: How to Get Started

It’s time to hit the drawing board and get in touch with how you can guide your ideal clients and customers to success. Full Story: Special Events

15 Good Reasons to Use Python in Web Development

Python is one of the most popular coding languages and its main purpose is for web and software development. Full Story: RS Web Solutions

7 Best Frontend Frameworks That Accelerate Pace of Web Development

They say one should use the correct ingredient to create the perfect taste. Full Story: ReadWrite

Why Is Marketing Technology Often Discarded and Replaced?

Martech is often much like fast fashion: cheap, easily replaced, quickly forgotten and of dubious quality. Full Story: CMSWire

8 Automation Strategies to Optimize End-to-End Business Processes

Are you looking for ways to optimize your end-to-end business processes? If so, you’re in luck! Full Story: Robotics & Automation News

65% of Marketers Now Using Analytics to Measure Content Marketing ROI

As more marketers look to improve upon their content marketing strategies . Full Story: KoMarketing

Marketing Analytics and The Modern Marketer

Watching your analytics closely will lead to more conversions. Full Story: MarTech Series

The New Magic Word for Branding Is Collaborations

Brand collabs are not going anywhere. Full Story: Bloomberg

Branding Strategies to Grow Your Company (2022 Edition)

Effort, time, and a hefty portion of perseverance — all are required for a business to successfully grow. Full Story: Startup Info

Google Assistant Update Disrupts IFTTT Automation Features

Popular automation platform IFTTT has alerted Google Assistant users that its current integration with the voice assistant. Full Story:

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