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Promoted as the next big thing in modern tech, the metaverse is a continually evolving and changing space that will truly change marketing in years to come. Full Story: Forbes

The Value of User Experience (UX) in Digital Marketing Today

The quality of the experience that a browser has online makes a direct impact on whether or not they make a purchase. Full Story: Startup Info

Marketing: ‘Don’t wait for customers to come to you’

There’s no point being the best kept secret, which is why subscribers to routeone are being invited to take part in a free marketing mentoring offer in partnership with Torris. Full Story: Route-One.Net

How to Run a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign

Running a business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaign can be a reliable way to gain more visibility and command of your market. Full Story: Alibaba Seller

Why Topical Authority Is More Important Than Ever To Include In Your Marketing Strategy

Implementing A New Digital Marketing Strategy? 10 Ways To Help Ensure ROI … Quality content is the linchpin of every marketing strategy. Full Story: Forbes

How Blockchain is Transforming Marketing Strategies

Blockchain technology has the potential to trigger a new era of digital marketing accountability that will revolutionize the industry. Full Story: Entrepreneur

The marketing tactic that’s not doing your business any favours

I’ve built up quite a long list of actions and ways of working that fit into the rest of a busy business life. Full Story:

How data is shaping the future of marketing

According to Forbes, data can help businesses understand customer engagement and behaviour. For marketing firms, the information is priceless. Full Story:

10 Essential LinkedIn Stats All Social Media Marketers Should Know

Are you putting together your marketing plan of attack for the year ahead? Want to learn if LinkedIn should form a key part of your social media strategy? Full Story: Social Media Today

Eight Brands That Have Built Thriving Communities On Social Media

For businesses in 2022, connecting with consumers to increase brand awareness and instill customer loyalty hinges on their ability to meet people where they are and create a community around their brand. Full Story: Forbes

5 ways to batch your social media content

Learn how to ‘batch’ your content so you will never be short on posts. Full Story: Hypebot

17 social media video ideas for savvy sales pros

You can’t be consistent with your video content if you’ve run out of ideas. Full Story: Inman

Are Press Releases Still Good For SEO?

Press releases are a great way of garnering media attention, but do they still influence search rankings? If you do them the correct way, then yes. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

7 Enterprise SEO Tools For Keyword Research, Compared

What are the best keyword research tools for enterprise businesses? Get insights into seven of them here to start making better SEO decisions! Full Story: Search Engine Journal

The 15-Step Local SEO Guide: How To Find Hidden Opportunities

Picture this. You run a local business, and you have a website to help you with it. Maybe you are doing fine, though it could be better. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

SEO For Ecommerce Product Pages: 20 Do’s & Don’ts

Brand building is a long-term commitment. Here are 10 steps to take and 10 to avoid for a successful SEO strategy for your ecommerce site. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to evaluate the effectiveness of mobile marketing strategies/campaigns

In the modern era driven by technology, organizations across sectors and industries are leveraging tech-enabled solutions to streamline business operations. Full Story:

Intellectual property considerations when building a mobile app

An application software (app) is a program or group of programs designed to help customers perform particular activities. Full Story:

New tool checks if a mobile app’s browser is a privacy risk

A new online tool named ‘InAppBrowser’ lets you analyze the behavior of in-app browsers embedded within mobile apps and determine. Full Story: Bleeping Computer

3 Must-Haves to Include in Your Retail Mobile App

The app market is worth around $420 billion, giving you a clear idea of why so many people and businesses are trying to get a piece of the action. Full Story: EconoTimes

4 Ways digital signage enhances the customer experience

Smart phones, laptops, and even smart appliances have cemented technology’s integral role in our daily lives. Full Story: Engineering News

Programmatic DOOH: 6 capabilities marketers may not know about

Digital Signage … approach for marketers to reach consumers in the physical world via programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Full Story: The Drum

B2B Email Marketing 101

If you’re in the B2B space, you must already understand how important email marketing is, but why isn’t it working out for most marketers? Full Story: MarTech Cube

How to Use Customer Testimonials Effectively — 7 Ways to Do It

On the other hand, if you are looking for written and video reviews, consider contacting your customers via an email marketing campaign to see if they are… Full Story: CustomerThink

How turning retail stores into e-commerce centres can avoid massive emissions

Retail is the largest private employer and economic sector, comprising over 15% of the global GDP. Full Story: The World Economic Forum

Four Lessons From The World’s Fastest-Growing Retailers

Pandemic trends such as shopping from home and do-it-yourself purchases certainly contributed to the growth of retailers in the past year. Full Story: Forbes

Is Your Startup Ready For Professional PR?

As a serial entrepreneur and three-time company founder who has worked with several public relations firms, I understand what finding the right firm can do for a solid startup that is ready for PR. Full Story: Entrepreneur

7 Ways to Build Strong PR for Your Personal Brand

Here are the keys to building a strong personal brand through PR. Full Story: Entrepreneur

5 Best Market Research Tools

It’s customary to have questions in mind before releasing a new product. For example, we often wonder how the market will respond to our products. Full Story: ReadWrite

Will More than 70% of All Software Be Built No-Code or Low-Code Platforms by 2025?

Have you ever wanted to build a website or app but weren’t sure where to start? One solution is to use low-code or no-code tools to get things done. Full Story: OfficeChai

Website development: Ways to develop a perfect web resource

Too many people start “nailing it” right away without taking the time to create a proper plan. Full Story: Robotics & Automation News

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Marketing

Actually, though, the chances that there are people out there doing marketing today and not using AI in any shape or form is somewhat unlikely. Full Story: Forbes

A Marketer’s Guide on How to Supercharge Your Outreach Through Sales Outreach Automation

Automating your sales outreach can be a major win for you and your customers. It can potentially reduce your costs by freeing up time for more value-added activities, and it can unlock additional revenue. Full Story: CustomerThink

Why business leaders shouldn’t waste a recession

Data from global marketing analytics consultancy Analytic Partners shows that 60% of brands that increased their media investment during the 2008 and Covid… Full Story: Business Leader

Customer Experience: Key Pillars For Continuous Improvement

… across business domains including marketing, sales and compliance. … is the basis for what most people recognise as “business intelligence” and might… Full Story: International Banker

Powerful Brand Strategy: The Winning Elements

A brand strategy is a holistic approach that outlines how a company is going to present itself in front of the target audience. Full Story: ReadWrite

Personal Branding And The New World Of Work

Personal branding is no longer reserved just for senior executives or sales leaders; it’s for all employees at all levels and in all functions. Full Story: Forbes

How voice tech can transform omnichannel experience

Now, voice technology has metamorphosed into a sophisticated AI-based solution that can do wonders. Full Story: Brand Equity

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