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Influencer marketing is a great way to improve your reach and engagement on social media platforms. Full Story: Talking Influence

How SEO and content marketing work together

With both SEO and content in your marketing strategy, the results will be much more impressive than using either alone. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Do businesses still need newsletters for marketing?

For the sales team, it aids in lead generation, qualification, and ongoing communication with prospects throughout the sales process. Full Story: Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Accelerating The Norm: How Technology Is Improving Everyday Marketing Processes

Failing to implement the newest technology in your marketing operations could mean poor results, clunky processes and wasted money. Full Story: Forbes

The New Role Of Marketing: Drive Business Growth By Reimagining Customer Engagement

All the above statements are true. Things seem to be moving faster, now. Technology is advancing at an accelerated pace. Full Story: Forbes

How To Navigate SaaS Marketing During A Downturn

Entering a recession is daunting and requires tough decisions from executives to ensure their business survives. Full Story: Forbes

What’s Broken In Marketing — And How We Can Start To Fix It

Quad is in the business of helping brands master what we call the marketing experience (MX), which includes every effort intended to drive an… Full Story: Forbes

How to Write a High-Performing Content Marketing Strategy

It is all about understanding what’s working best to achieve the goals you established at the beginning of the process when optimizing a brand’s content marketing strategy. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Respond to Social Media Inquiries Faster — And Reap the Benefits

First, why do you want to increase your social media response times? Don’t you have a strategy to build, content to create, or reports to run? Full Story: Social Media Today

Here’s How Social Media Giants-Including Twitter And Meta-Are Bracing For Midterm Misinformation

Topline. All major social media platforms have outlined plans to tackle misinformation around the midterm election and its immediate aftermath,… Full Story: Forbes

Why Effective Content Marketing Will Transform Your Social Media

Does your brand make the most of its social media content? Full Story: Entrepreneur

A Social Media Status Update

Top social media apps are struggling after a decade of dominance. Full Story: The New York Times

SEO Testing: 8 Experiments To Improve Organic Traffic

Is your search engine optimization strategy stuck in a rut? Here are some things you can experiment with to improve your ranks and drive traffic. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

What is E-A-T in SEO?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are certainly a lot of acronyms to keep up with. Full Story: News Anyway

Doing More With Less: 30 Minutes Of Local SEO Every Week

If you want to improve your local SEO but don’t have a lot of time, focus on these 5 areas to grow your local search presense. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

12 Ultimate Tools & Tactics For Effective Content Strategies In 2023

Looking for this year’s keys to help you build your next content marketing strategy? Wish you had a powerful content roadmap to help your business reach new heights in 2023? Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Major Mobile App Development Trends In 2022 That You Need To Keep Your Eye On

Mobile apps are the future of technology, and it is not just because they are convenient to use, the way we do business, and how we interact with people. Full Story: EIN News

Don’t Scare Your Customers With These Mobile App Strategies On Halloween

Learn how marketers can increase customer engagement using mobile applications during Halloween. Full Story: Spiceworks

Why Apple’s SKAdNetwork 4.0 release could affect mobile app measurement

Alongside the release of iOS 16.1 last week, Apple quietly rolled out SkAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4), the latest version of its privacy-based campaign measurement framework. Full Story: Digiday

Five effective strategies to increase mobile app downloads

Every app developer dreams of having their app shared by millions of users, leading to a massive increase in downloads and, ultimately, revenue. Full Story: Retail Technology Innovation Hub

How Rituals manages digital out of home ads with data

Data-led, in-house media buying can be transformative for brands. Full Story: Campaign

Eight ways to maximise digital out of home

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is changing fast with capabilities of scale and targeting that make it an increasingly cost-effective and integral part of any brand’s media mix. Full Story: Campaign

3 Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust in Email Marketing

Seventy-nine percent of Americans are troubled by companies’ usage of their personal data. Full Story: Harvard Business Review

Essential steps for businesses to create demand

Email marketing is a useful tool to communicate with your customers or target audience, just don’t email too often and keep your message concise — say what… Full Story: TechNative

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling Your E-Commerce Business

One of the mistakes emerging brands commonly make as they begin scaling e-commerce business is not providing their fulfillment partner with forecasts,… Full Story: Inc. Magazine

Looking forward: e-commerce trends for 2023

The future of e-commerce unfolded in double-time over the past two years as the world grappled with the juxtaposition. Full Story: SmartCompany

Digital PR Strategies That Can Improve Your SEO

Every serious SEO strategy discusses building high-value backlinks. Full Story: Forbes

The Intersection of Public Relations and Customer Experience

Can PR and CX work together? We say yes. A symbiotic relationship between these two functions can only enhance the brand. Full Story: CMSWire

Market research could be tricky if you are a novice in the online business

By knowing the target audience better, businesses can develop the most ideal branding and marketing strategies. Full Story: Dazeinfo

How Long Does It Take To Learn How to Code Professionally?

The job market for coding has been booming in recent years. Full Story: Gizmodo Australia

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Website in 2022?

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking forward to kickstarting your digital business or an enterprise looking to enhance. Full Story: Appinventiv

10 of the Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

Manually managing your company’s marketing efforts can become a lofty task. Full Story: Solutions Review

A Quick Guide to Retail Marketing Automation and How to Make It Work for Your Business

Automation is here to stay. Full Story: RIS News

5 business intelligence myths standing between you and a data-driven business

For decades, business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools have promised a future where data can be easily accessed and transforme. Full Story: VentureBeat

Using Data Analytics to Drive Influencer Marketing Outcomes

With an ever increasing number of consumers tethered to their phones for work, social, and everything in between. Full Story: MarTech Series

Three Signs Your Brand Isn’t Connecting with Customers

Customers have high demands for businesses, expecting personalized service across every touchpoint with a brand regardless of channel,… Full Story: CustomerThink

5 Tips to Develop Your Personal Travel Brand on Social Media

Social media made a tremendous impact on travel over the past decade, and it is here to stay. Full Story: Travel Market Report

Apple to change ‘Hey Siri’ command for voice assistant

Single wake phrase might help Apple’s Siri compete with Amazon’s Alexa: Full Story: The Hindu

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