Integrated Marketing Edmonton | Daily Update — May 16, 2022

Marketing Locally? 11 Ways to Make Your Interactions More Personal

Local shoppers can become a business’s most loyal customers by helping spread the word about the business to other community members. Full Story: Small Business Trends

How using multichannel marketing can boost conversion rate

Through multi-channel marketing, marketers will be able to fetch more data such as how a customer behaves on different platforms. Full Story: The Financial Express

Top 5 Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app after Facebook. Both individuals and businesses are using this messenger application around the world. Full Story: Startup Info

Top Marketing Metrics to Track in 2022

If we were 1922, and own a business, most of the time spent at work would be trying to develop a perfect product. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Creating data-driven strategies and unlocking additional value in fashion marketing

With online retail continuing to grow at a record-breaking pace and rising customer expectations, sculpting data-driven motives is key to evolving your digital marketing into a mature and sustainable strategy. Full Story: The Drum

How to Build Strong Business Relationships — Remotely

Just prior to the pandemic, the authors interviewed 82 managers from four regions of the world about how they decide to trust new business partners. Full Story: Harvard Business Review

Personalisation: Going beyond the boundaries of marketing

As personalised marketing gains significant, how can an enterprise take its key capabilities to drive benefits across the whole business? Full Story: Technology Magazine

Want to Become a Social Media Moderator? What to Know First

Social media moderator jobs are popular online. But here’s what you should know about these positions before applying to become one. Full Story: MakeUseOf

Social Media and Social Forgiveness

Not long ago, I quit social media. This sounds more momentous than it is. I had a Facebook page I never used and a LinkedIn account I never liked. Full Story: Justia’s Verdict

The dark side of social media influencing

Do you follow influencers on social media? Do you always check their posts? Full Story: Devdiscourse

The challenges facing social media marketers

With more businesses moving online and more clients preferring to shop online, digital marketing is a must for any brand that wants to grow and become successful. Full Story: Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Getting Your First Rank One Position in Google: Everything You Need to Know

Getting to rank number one isn’t easy, and if you don’t have much experience, it’s going to be even more challenging. Full Story: Entrepreneur

What’s The Top SEO Focus For 2022? Ask An SEO

Trends come and go — but right now, what should SEO pros focus on? Tony Wright tackles areas to keep an eye on in this edition of Ask An SEO. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

An SEO guide to audience research and content analysis

Target audience research is crucial for understanding the buying stages of your ideal customers. Here’s how to do it. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How To Use Google Analytics To Track Your SEO Efforts

Your website may look just the way you want, but how can you tell if it’s working the way it should? Full Story: Forbes

Top Mobile App Development Companies: Best for 2022

In today’s digital age, it would be a sin to restrict your brand’s digital presence to websites alone, irrespective of the kind of business you have. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Patent a Mobile App Idea — Roadmap to Follow

This quote depicts the relevance of an idea. Full Story: CustomerThink

Mobile app trends 2022: A global benchmark of app performance

2021 was a truly transformative year for the mobile app industry. Full Story: Marketing Dive

Four tips for developing high-quality, secure, mobile apps

Mobile app developers must have a thorough understanding of the mobile attack surface to protect organizations from threats. Full Story: SC Magazine

Stop focusing on the channel, content is (still) king

Digital signage lessons · We need a more collaborative approach to AV education · Online vs. DOOH advertising: Knowing differences can lead… Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Amazon’s jump into DOOH will propel technology adoption

Retail giant Amazon plans to jump into the digital-out-of-home marketplace. … Using digital signage, Amazon plans to start selling ad… Full Story: Retail Customer Experience

Best Email Marketing Agencies : Top 8 for 2022

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your sales, and if your business is not using it, you could be missing out. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Top-Class Email Marketing Strategies: How Klaviyo Can Supercharge Your Online Business!

Whether you want to attract new customers or get some new ones, email marketing is the answer! Full Story: The Good Men Project

Why E-Commerce Businesses Need to Rethink Their Channel Strategy

The growth of the e-commerce industry has resulted in the need for ever-evolving marketing strategies. Now, without a strong channel strategy, storefronts will fall behind their competitors. Full Story: Entrepreneur

An Easy e-commerce Solution for Small Business

Cash flow has become a critical component to doing business in the new economy. Full Story: Delaware Business Times

Six Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

The lines between marketing, advertising and public relations are becoming more blurred by the minute. Full Story: Forbes

10 Common Startup Mistakes When Doing PR

There’s a lot that goes into public relations programs behind the scenes. Full Story: Forbes

Accelerate Innovation With A New Approach To Market Research

When it comes to market research, finding panelists and receiving accurate and fast feedback to find the next business opportunity is a constant struggle. Full Story: Forbes

How to conduct a market research in 7 steps

Market research is the process of gathering information that a company conducts on its target audience and its reference market using a series of methodologies and tools, which today are mainly digital. Full Story: Doxee

How to Choose the Right Web Development Firm for Your Startup?

Finding the right website development firm or team is a challenging task for many startups. Business owners see the diversity of service providers and are at a loss of what web dev company they should choose. Full Story: HackRead


The way that technology is taking us over, we are getting used to automated life and experiences. Full Story: Analytics Insight

How to choose marketing automation software?

Do you want to enhance the quality of your organization’s marketing but aren’t sure how to choose marketing automation software? Full Story: Dataconomy

How Analytics Data Can Improve Affiliate Sales

In this article, you’ll learn four strategies for ensuring that you’re effectively using data analytics in improving affiliate sales. Full Story: Analytics Insight

B2B e-Commerce: Fostering sales, distribution with data analytics

The informal sector is a major source of economic growth and productivity globally. Full Story: Vanguard News

Why must customers buy your brand? Will they still buy brands in future?

I recall, having a debate some months ago, with a very excited investor in Netflix, who believed the share price can only increase. Full Story: Biznews

How to Build an Authentic Brand

Authentic branding is not about “appearing” authentic — it’s about truly being who you really are. Here’s how to establish a brand that reflects your honest self. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Sonos is officially launching its own voice assistant

Family homes are about to get a new speech controlled jukebox as Sonos unveils ‘Voice Control’, an Alexa and Siri-competitor and voice feature created solely for listening on Sonos. Full Story: Music Business Worldwide

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We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Edmonton! #MarketingInEdmonton #EdmontonMarketing #EdmontonBusiness

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Integrated Marketing Edmonton

Integrated Marketing Edmonton

We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Edmonton! #MarketingInEdmonton #EdmontonMarketing #EdmontonBusiness

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