Integrated Marketing Edmonton | Daily Update — March 15, 2022

B-to-B Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Ask most people what they think about b-to-b marketing, and you’ll likely hear the words dull and dry. The truth, however, is that the content itself is anything but boring. Full Story: Adweek

Measuring marketing value in a cookieless world

Ready or not, it’s time to move beyond third-party tracking to measure marketing performance and ROI. Full Story: MarTech

How Technology Is Transforming The Role Of CMO

Marketing is having a new dawn. The global pandemic forced most brands and businesses to shift their customer communication strategies, and CMOs and their marketing organizations were put to the test. Full Story: Forbes

4 Long-Term Results Companies Can Achieve Through Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is as much about attracting new customers as it is about increasing revenue among existing ones. Full Story: Forbes

Measuring marketing value in a cookieless world

Ready or not, it’s time to move beyond third-party tracking to measure marketing performance and ROI. Full Story: S earch Engine Land

Is your brand marketing truly inclusive?

As brand marketers, it’s our responsibility to create brands that people view positively and want to connect to. Full Story: ClickZ

How Inclusive Marketing Can Help Build Trust in Your Brand

If your first investment into inclusivity is a marketing campaign, you are doing it wrong. Full Story: BBN Times

Boost Your Social Media Marketing Reach With the Help of Your Members

Although it is crucial to keep programs, products, and services front and center for members and stakeholders, many association marketing budgets have been reduced since the start of the pandemic. Full Story: Associations Now

3 social media trends impacting marketing in 2022

The social media landscape has changed drastically. Here’s how marketers can prepare for the latest trends. Full Story: MarTech

Instagram Adds Stories Likes to Provide Insight on Viewer Engagement

Instagram has added a new, simple way for users to engage with Stories content with Stories likes, which enables you to ‘like’ any Story in your feed, and let the creator know, without having to start up a DM conversation. Full Story: Social Media Today

7 ways to promote yourself on social media without bragging

Self-promotion on social media has become integral to brand building but your followers could easily move on if they’re not getting something back. Full Story: Fast Company

Seven SEO Best Practices To Transform Your Business In 2022

Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your brand in 2022 is more than a necessity-it’s a priority. Full Story: Forbes

6 SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses Grow

Do you own a business? If so, you know that it’s important to do everything you can to make sure it succeeds. Full Story: The Zebra Press

Local SEO Guide For Ecommerce & Online Ordering

Learn how to increase conversions and online ordering via your business listing with these local SEO tips. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

3 ways to optimize internal linking

Links are one of the primary ways Google and other search engines understand and rank websites. Full Story: Search Engine Land

SMS marketing: Four ways to improve the success of your campaigns

How many times today have you picked up your phone and sent or read a text message? Full Story: SmartCompany

The Next Big Thing in App Idea 2022

Globally, people are moving to digital platforms to replace their brick-and-mortar businesses due to the predicted 935-billion-dollar mobile app development industry revenue by 2023. Full Story: CustomerThink

How to optimize your restaurant’s mobile app to bring in more revenue

The proliferation of mobile food ordering and delivery is showing no signs of letting up. Full Story: Nation’s Restaurant News

Expect These 7 Mobile Ad Trends in 2022

Last year brought about a significant number of changes affecting mobile advertising, and it looks like 2022 may be even more dramatic. Full Story: The Fast Mode

Getting the most out of DOOH inventory

Spring is finally on the way, so perhaps the spirit of the season can inspire you to breathe new life into campaign management. Full Story: Media4Growth

Best tactics for implementing a top-notch digital signage project

Chris Melito has spent the past two decades finding out what works and what doesn’t work in digital signage rollouts. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

When users opt in, your organization interacts with them on a deeper level. Email makes it easier to gain trust, build loyalty and, most importantly, keep a steady flow of patient appointments. Full Story: CMSWire

How Email Deliverability Affects B2B Marketing Success Rates and How to Boost It

E-mail deliverability is of absolute importance to any business. There is a vast concern for e-mail deliverability which means e-mail is still king despite the proliferation of social media platforms for messaging. Full Story: TechFunnel

The Best Ecommerce Content for Twitter

Social media increasingly drives traffic and awareness to ecommerce brands. But effective social content varies depending on the channel. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Why Marketplaces Need to be Part of any Ecommerce Strategy

Whether a store owner is preparing to launch a new ecommerce website or has been selling online for years and has an established brand, online marketplaces should always be part of the strategy. Full Story: Retail TouchPoints

5 Things To Do To Be Media-Ready Before Launching A PR Campaign

If you want to go fishing, it’s essential to know how to hook a fish. Full Story: Forbes

A Rock Band You Can Look Up to for PR Inspiration

Rock legends can teach you a lot about making your clients legends. Full Story: Entrepreneur

AI-Powered Market Research: What Are the Benefits?

When AI and market research join forces, businesses can make better data-driven decisions. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Brands on the rationale behind the market research renaissance

As market research budgets enjoy their strongest performance since 2013, marketers discuss what the Covid-fuelled reinvestment means for brands. Full Story: Marketing Week

How to Know If You Need a Personal Website

There’s one right under the email address on her resume. Full Story: Little Rock Soiree

The Latest Trends on WordPress Website Development

WordPress is more popular than you would think. In fact, Manaferra found that WordPress powers a little over 43% of the web — imagine that. Full Story: Tech Guide

13 questions to ask digital experience platform vendors during the demo

If you’re not able to deliver the kind of speed and user experience you require to any or all of your channels, a DXP might solve these problems for you. Full Story: MarTech

CRM and Marketing Automation: how to make the most out of them

In a simple Google search on the main business software for customer relationship management, two names come up repeatedly: CRM and Marketing Automation. Full Story: Doxee

How data mining helps in business intelligence

Data is the life-powering proverbial blood that empowers the corporate economy of the 21st century. Full Story: Appinventiv

Is Business Intelligence Analyst the Right Profession for You?

Are you seeking a job that allows you to combine your passion for data analysis with your ability to effectively shape and support a company? Full Story: Analytics Insight

Re-Indigenizing Branding Through Sense Of Place

Branding is really about belonging and a sense of place. As I dig into indigenous ways of knowing, I am realizing that this need for place is so intrinsic to humankind that it has given way to our contemporary brands. Full Story: Forbes

How Can We Begin Fixing America’s Branding Problem?

Trust in the institutions that have defined America since its inception is at a nadir, prompting a stream of punditry about how our democracy is going up in smoke. Full Story: Forbes

Useful Custom Bixby Key Commands to Check Out

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Duo, Samsung introduced Bixby Key. A physical button just to launch the company’s voice assistant, which was unrelated to Google Assistant at the time, was ridiculous. Full Story: Bollyinside

Qualcomm Research Examines On-Device AI Learning

We’ve all had those frustrating experiences with our mobile phones when the voice assistant seems to possess artificial stupidity instead of artificial intelligence. Full Story: Forbes

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We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Edmonton! #MarketingInEdmonton #EdmontonMarketing #EdmontonBusiness

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Integrated Marketing Edmonton

Integrated Marketing Edmonton

We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Edmonton! #MarketingInEdmonton #EdmontonMarketing #EdmontonBusiness

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