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6 min readJun 17, 2022

6 Steps to Launch an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

If you own or manage a small or midsize business in the manufacturing industry, you’re likely looking for ways to improve your digital marketing strategy. Full Story: Software Advice

Why this B2B agency group is adding account-based marketing expertise to its roster

With the business-to-business ad revenue pie set to surpass $30 billion next year in the U.S. alone, B2B agencies are looking to secure a satisfying slice. Full Story: Digiday

Five Tips For Making YouTube Marketing Worth It

To put it plainly, YouTube marketing can be a little intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. Full Story: Forbes

4 Content Marketing Tactics You Need to Try

Content marketing may seem intimidating and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Full Story: TechDay

Enterprise Marketing Vs. SMB Marketing

Size definitely matters when it comes to marketing. I’ve heard it said that marketing is marketing, period, and that it doesn’t matter if you’re a large enterprise business or a small- to medium-sized business (SMB). Full Story: Forbes

Tips and Tools to Help You Track the Effectiveness of Your Self-Storage Marketing Efforts

With the amount of effort and money self-storage operators invest in their marketing these days, it’s important to know what is and isn’t working. Full Story: Inside Self-Storage

The 4 Core Tech Skills All Marketers Need

“Every company is now a tech company, meaning every employee needs to have some understanding of technology,” suggests Skillsoft CMO Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek. Full Story: Forbes

Eight Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media continues to be a vibrant, engaging series of digital platforms designed to inform, engage, meet and connect. Full Story: Forbes

4 Ways Social Media Marketing Drives Digital Connections In 2022

It’s hard to imagine what the past two years would have been like without social media. As Pew research shows, nearly one-third of adults admit to being online nearly all the time. Full Story: Forbes

The Best Social Media Apps for Adults

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best adult social media apps. Full Story: MakeUseOf

81 Different Types of Social Media Post to Amaze Your Followers

Are you looking for ways to impress your social media followers? Want some cool content ideas for your social media posts? Full Story: Social Media Today

How To Inspire Content Teams To Care About SEO

Incorporate SEO into your content team’s work by proving its value. Read on for the broader benefits and collaboration tips. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Top SEO Trends to Work On In 2022

SEO automation companies are on the rise. The need to improve search quality and page ranking in search engines has brought these SEO automation companies to the front of the technology market. Full Story:

Ahrefs vs. Semrush: Comparing the top SEO tools

Ironically, the major difference between these two organic marketing suites may come down to pay-per-click features. Full Story: TechRepublic

When and how to analyze UX metrics to improve SEO

Don’t forget about measuring user experience (UX) for data-driven insights on how to improve your website. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Forewarned Is Forearmed: How To Detect Mobile Fraud And Save Marketing Budgets

Year after year, advertisers are investing more in mobile marketing. Full Story: Forbes

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like TikTok?

However, based on TikTok, we are considering a few famous tools that are used by top mobile app development companies to build apps. Full Story: MobileAppDaily

Should Mobile Marketing be a Priority for Marketers in 2022?

In a multi-channel digital-first marketing environment, it is all the more important for marketers to meet customers where they are using relevant messaging to break through the noise. Full Story: MarTech Series

T-Mobile Starts Switching Phone Calls to Its 5G Network

Some T-Mobile customers in Oregon and Utah will be the first to make phone calls over 5G as the carrier begins switching voice calls over to 5G. Full Story: CNET

How to build your digital signage and CMS to digital maturity

Many companies have digital signage and CMS systems in place, but are those systems up to par to meet both consumer and employee demands? Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Omnichannel. One audience, one message, any relevant screen

With that in mind, Vicinity have integrated with South Africa’s leading DOOH and mobile media owners to reach your audience on any relevant screen. Full Story: Bizcommunity

What is email marketing and how are platforms helping brands succeed?

All email platform providers send emails, but their technologies — both software and hardware — and approaches for doing so can differ. Full Story: MarTech

Here’s Why Email Marketing Is Still Important in 2022

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective ways of introducing, engaging, and informing your customer base. Full Story: TechAcute

Walmart to Add Four E-Commerce Warehouses to Speed Deliveries

Walmart Inc. will build four new e-commerce warehouses in a push to speed deliveries, using an automated system to pick out items while also creating more than 4,000 jobs. Full Story:

Three Tips On Leveling The Playing Field For Small Businesses

But beyond just having a digital store, small-business owners need to make the most of their e-commerce presence. Full Story: Forbes

Is Sustainability Just a PR Stunt?

Is sustainability just a buzzword, or are companies actually trying to make a positive change? Full Story: Entrepreneur

While PR doesn’t stand for ‘press release,’ they’re still a pretty big deal

Press releases are a foundational element of what PR pros do, and their ability to communicate to multiple different parties is critical. Full Story: Fast Company

For Better Market Research, Remember That Research Participants Are Humans, Too

Market research relies on human participants for actionable feedback, but researchers often forget the human element in their rush to collect data. Full Story: Forbes

User experience design-5 website strategies for brands

It is a good rule of thumb to assume visitors will spend somewhere between 10 to 20 seconds deciding whether to explore a website, especially if there is no clear value proposition. Full Story: Ad Age

Is CSS Really Necessary for Responsive Web Design?

Is CSS a necessity for responsive web design? This article will help you find out if it really is or not, along with its features — pros & cons. Full Story: HackRead

How artificial intelligence is helping to measure creative effectiveness in marketing

In marketing, ‘creative impact’ was once too subjective to measure. But with modern AI solutions, creative efforts can now be effectively analyzed. Full Story: The Drum

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Success

AI is shaping marketing, irrevocably so. Isn’t it time humans leave robotic work to robots and spend more time doing what they do better than machines? Full Story: MarTech Cube

New to automotive marketing analytics? These 3 options can help you get started

In the past, traditional marketing was based a lot on trial and error. Full Story: CBT Automotive Network

Is Google Analytics going away? What marketers need to know

Third-party cookies are going the way of the dodo. The looming cookieless world has many marketers more than a little nervous. Full Story: MarTech

Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Brand Identity Design

Branding is one of the most important factors in startup success, but if handled incorrectly, it can be pointless. Worse, poor identity design could end up being an unexpected roadblock to the overall success of your business. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Building A Strong Online Community Before Launching Your Brand

When it comes to brand-building, consumers are more likely to buy products that have a stamp of approval from the people and communities they trust. Full Story: Forbes

5 Amazon Echo Features That You Should Enable

If you’re an Echo owner who has consigned your device to collecting dust in a forgotten corner of your house, or are using it to play music or set timers — you’re not alone. Full Story: SlashGear

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