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Data is a crucial component of digital marketing. However, as privacy rules become more stringent, the necessity to adapt to new methods of data collection and management becomes more essential. Full Story: The Economic Times

Why Marketing Is Key To Building A Great Culture

Businesses are facing unprecedented headwinds: trends like the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, rising costs and the potential looming recession. Full Story: Forbes

86% Of B2B Brands Find Success With Influencer Marketing

A new report finds 86% of B2B brands are successful with influencer marketing. Learn more about what’s working for them. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

25 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

How can you make your brand’s Twitter presence more impactful? Full Story: MarketingProfs

The Biggest Challenge in Marketing is Still Your Website

Twenty-plus years after the dot-com explosion, you’d think most brands would have their website strategy figured out. Full Story: MarTech Series

2022 Digital Marketing Trends: What to Expect in the Coming Years

Just like fashion, digital marketing trends come and go. Just when you think you have a handle on the latest techniques, a new crop of strategies comes along to shake things up. Full Story: MyChesCo

Why Marketing Should Always Be Part of Your Restaurant’s Budget

Get the ball rolling by picking the best platforms for your restaurant and launching your marketing program. Full Story: QSR magazine

The Future of AI and Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has helped automate several marketing processes. But could it take over content marketing as well? Full Story: MarTech Series

Social media marketing tips to grow your retail business

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow your retail business faster at a lower cost. Full Story: Retail Technology Innovation Hub

TikTok data privacy issues prompt need for social media plan

Data privacy concerns stemming from data collection practices of social media platforms means corporate leadership should be involved in determining a social media strategy. Full Story: TechTarget

How To Grow Your Small Business Through TikTok and Other Social Media

Follow these tips for starting and growing a following on any social media platform and learn why having an active social presence matters regardless of the platform. Full Story: GOBankingRates

Social media: Keeping it real with your customers

Each platform has its own culture and “rules” about how you show up in those spaces. Analyze your needs to see where you fit best. Full Story: Chase Bank

Why You Should Target Zero Search Volume Keywords

Many online businesses miss out on huge opportunities because they ignore keywords with zero search volume. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 Keyword Tools for Video SEO

Keyword research for search engine optimization identifies the queries of a target audience. The process is similar for all forms of content, including videos. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

8 Ways To End Silo Mentality & Increase Business Agility

Discover how bringing your team together will help you catch SEO issues before they damage your rankings — and bottom line. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Google Shows New Snippets For Quoted Searches

Google changes how search results are displayed for queries that contain text in quotes. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Cross-Channel Marketing: Why SMS is an Essential Part of Your E-Commerce Strategy

Cross-channel marketing enables online brands and retailers to blend different communication channels to reach customers and create cohesive shopping experiences. Full Story: Total Retail

Launch of the Management in Practice Mobile App

Management in Practice has launched an app for smartphones and tablets, on IOS and Android, so readers can access our latest news, blogs, and analysis on the go. Full Story: Management in Practice

YouTube experimenting with new feature that allows video zoom in

There are already ways to zoom in on YouTube’s content with various accessibility functions on Android, iOS,and in a desktop browser. Full Story: Hindustan Times

How to market a loyalty program effectively

Apps also let customers track loyalty points from their phones and can boost CX with gamification. To gamify a loyalty program, a mobile app’s UI can display… Full Story: TechTarget

LED signage can make big impact in large or small formats

While size is important in LED digital signage, many additional factors go into making a display truly impactful. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

DOOH: advertising’s big opportunity?

Not for the first time, digital out-of-home (DOOH) is on the rise. Investment in the medium was rising steadily until 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic and all its associated lockdowns sharply curbed investment. Full Story: ExchangeWire

Email marketing: Showing up right on time

The rise of social media was supposed to mean the death of email marketing. Instead, email marketing continues to be a reliable method of digital communication for many organizations and businesses. Full Story: Chase Bank

Unlocking the potential of online email marketing in 2022

At the most basic level, email verification software can tell marketers if an address is in use or not, this makes email marketing lists much more efficient and… Full Story: Retail Times

16 Ways To Leverage E-Commerce Trends Every Marketer Should Know About

The world of e-commerce has been consistently and rapidly evolving since its inception, and the rate of change has only increased over the past few years. Full Story: Forbes

How Pinterest hopes to catch up to the e-commerce boom

Long before the pandemic-driven e-commerce boom, marketers saw a gold mine in Pinterest that many felt was left nascent. Full Story: Digiday

The Digital Voice Ad Tech PR Agency Grows Team By Eight

Having recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary, B2B ad tech specialist PR agency The Digital Voice has now appointed eight new starters… Full Story: ExchangeWire

How social media has redefined the communications role

Considering about half the world’s population uses social media, it’s no surprise that maintaining a social presence has become central to communications, branding and marketing efforts. PR Daily

It’s Time to Refresh Your Market Research: How to Get Started

It’s time to hit the drawing board and get in touch with how you can guide your ideal clients and customers to success. Full Story: Special Events

What Is the Cheapest Way to Start a Business?

If you are starting an online business, you will need to consider the cost of website development and hosting as well as any other associated costs,… Full Story: Jumpstart Magazine

7 Best Frontend Frameworks That Accelerate Pace of Web Development

They say one should use the correct ingredient to create the perfect taste. Full Story: ReadWrite

Top Trending Artificial Intelligence AI Technologies in 2022

Abrand-new area of computer science was initially referred to as “artificial intelligence” in 1955. Full Story: MarkTechPost

6 Actionable Ways Of Using Automated Tools To Grow Your Business

When done in an intelligent way, business process automation allows companies to achieve up to 400% ROI. Full Story: HostReview

How Businesses Use Unstructured Data for Business Intelligence

Enterprise data is 80 percent unstructured, and that number will continue to grow. The rate of unstructured data’s growth is climbing rapidly at a rate of 55 to 65 percent each year. Full Story: CIO Insight

Incorporating Data And Analytics Into Your Marketing Plan

As the marketing world becomes more complex, you’ll need to incorporate data and analytics into your marketing plan, as they can help you understand your customers and how they interact with your brand. Full Story: Forbes

How to Let Shoppers Know Your Brand Is Worth the Money

As consumers tighten their belts in response to inflation and the risk of recession, brands are seeking ways to tell consumers their products have value. Full Story: The Business of Fashion

The Benefits of Having a Consumer Brand for Hard Science

Any company doing something innovative and hard that ends up in food or consumer space, would be crazy not to think carefully about whether a consumer brand could help them. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Voice Commerce Market Will Continue To Boom In The World Of Rising Business Opportunities With Prominent Investment, Forecast To 2030

Voice Commerce Market 2022 Forecast to 2030 research provides accurate economic, global, and country-level predictions and analyses. Full Story: Digital Journal

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